How Trump Won


By Steve Brazell, Agent of Clarity and Founder of Hitman Inc

Every media outlet across the country is debating how Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election, but it boils down to one simple thing—he owned the idea that resonated most with American voters—"Make America great again."

This was a call to the underdogs. A call to fight the current political establishment that has let America fall behind. A call to re-establish the American dream that so many have lost. Put simply, it was the call that Americans so desperately wanted and needed, that one in two were willing to vote for a man made out to be a monster by the media.

Hillary Clinton failed because her idea of "Stronger Together" and constant "America is already great" speeches fell flat with the hearts and minds she needed to win most—the American middle class.

Whether you're running for the presidency, launching a new business, or trying to win more marketshare in today's tough hyper-competitive economy—you need to own one powerful idea in the mind of your market—and that idea must resonate deeply with what your customers believe they want and need.

Branding really does trump all.

Hitman Inc