The Power of Before and After


By Steve Brazell, Agent of Clarity and Founder of Hitman Inc

One of the most powerful images in branding and marketing is the before and after. But why? Psychologists say that most humans struggle to envision outcomes properly—especially when it comes to bettering their own lives. Put simply, we all want to buy products that are going to work—products with proven results, and one of the best ways to drive home results is to show the journey. 

Before and after photos and videos have been used widely in fitness marketing for decades, but today are being used across all industries to help buyers commit. Think; Tide Stain Stick. Stained shirt. Stain is gone. 

Before and after depictions also help drive home the branding principle of contrast—showing where you are and where you could be, or even where others are and where they're heading without you (fear of loss). Don't have great before and after photos? Use a well written case study and consider adding bold graphs or charts. 

Differentiate your brand and move customers from browsing to buying with powerful before and afters. 

Hitman Inc