What Is Your What?

Hitman Inc What is Your What.jpg

By Steve Brazell, Agent of Clarity and Founder of Hitman Inc

Far too many of us get caught up in the “why” — and although your “why” is critical to not only your personal motivation for moving a cause or business forward, it’s also core cause behind the problem you solve for the market — but for too little thinking is put into your “what.”

Your “what” is far more important today than ever before—it’s your category, it’s what you do, and it’s how people find you. Over 98% of consumers search for a product or service before buying, and if you aren’t clear about your what — if your market doesn’t understand exactly what you do, you become invisible and won’t be a part of the decision making process for your customers.

Every business and individual has a category (your what), and if we don’t know the exact product or service we are searching for by name, we search by category. For example, if you know the photographer’s name you want to use in New York City, you might just search them online by their name, but if you don’t you’re going to Google “photographer new york city.” Every category has sub-categories and you want to be as specific as possible. Think; “portrait photographer upper west side new york city.”

After you figure out your “why” don’t forget your “what,” you must define both to be successful in our hyper-competitive and over-crowded new world.

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