Decision Fatigue Is Hurting Your Sales


By Steve Brazell, Agent of Clarity and Founder of Hitman Inc

On average each one of us is struggling to sift through about 17GB of data every day. Science calls it Decision Fatigue—when faced with so many choices, our ability to make quality decisions dramatically deteriorates, leading us to make poor choices, or sometimes no choice at all.

Experiments conducted first at Case Western and then at Florida State University concluded that there is a finite store of mental energy for exerting self-control — a key component in making good decisions.

The New York Times said, "Once you’re mentally depleted, you become reluctant to make trade-offs, which involve a particularly advanced and taxing form of decision making. Good decision making is not a trait of the person, in the sense that it’s always there. It’s a state that fluctuates."

Takeaway: To make better choices, reduce the number of choices you make each day, and make the most important decisions in the morning after breakfast, when well rested and blood sugar levels are high. Put simply, avoid making decisions when your tired.

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