Are You Too Big to Innovate?


By Steve Brazell, Agent of Clarity and Founder of Hitman Inc

The Harvard Business Review tackled the innovation problem and asked if some companies are just "Too Big to Innovate?" But the author wisely looked at what is really happening in the market and which companies are leading innovation. Some of the answers might surprise you.

Internationally recognized branding expert and business growth strategist Steve Brazell was quoted in the article with his thoughts on innovation. He said, "A few minds are better than many. Breakthrough innovation springs from individuals and should be incubated and developed among a very small group of like-minded innovators. Big companies take new ideas and throw them into “development by committee.” Groups need to compromise, which leads to mediocrity. If big companies are going to successfully innovate, they need to hire and empower individuals with big ideas. They must give them the resources to develop those ideas and, most important, the freedom and authority to see their ideas through to completion. Big companies are adept at putting out vanilla when the market is screaming for Rocky Road."

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